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Company profile
Giada, established in 1999, is a global brand providing digital signage player, edge computer, OPS/SDM and embedded motherboards for enterprise customers. Giada is committed to helping business operators enhance customer experience, increase operation efficiency and reduce the operation costs.

With headquarters in Shenzhen, China, Giada has branch offices in Hong Kong, Europe and USA. Giada products have been deployed by our world-wide customers in many famous big chain stores, shopping malls, schools, transportation hubs, medical institutions, corporate offices and etc. As a leading brand in digital signage world, Giada has been awarded the Best-selling media player brand in German-speaking area.

Thanks to the strong engineering background, experienced in-house R&D team, and 100% owned ISO-9001 certified manufacture base, Giada is well-known for its reliable & market-oriented designed products, flexible customization and highly-efficient supply chain service.

After 23 years of innovation and exploration, Giada has established a global product service system to create maximum value for customers.
Go Green
Optimized product process and packages for sustainable development
Software Brand Created
-Launched a smart remote
device management system,
branded Remo on
Intel Titanium Partner
-Certificated Intel Titanium Partner
Business Expansion
- European branch set up
Brand Influence
Best selling media player
in German-speaking region
OS Development
- Launched NAS OS
- Associate Member of Intel ISA
Intel Awards
- Won Intel DCG Innovation
Award for 3 Consecutive Years
lntel Partner
- Joined lntel ISA Membership
- Awarded ISO Certification
Overseas Expansion
- Start overseas business
- Registered“Giada”brand worldwide
- U.S branch set up
Factory Set up
- Manufacturing base
- R&D Center
Company Founded
- Shenzhen, Mainland China
- JIEHE Technology Development Co., Ltd
To be a globally leading provider of smart business technical solutions!
Converging new digital technologies of AI and IOT;
Providing hardware&software solutions for sectors of new retail, smart education and healthcare, logistics and transportation, finance and security monitoring, enterprises and public services;
Helping realize digital management upgrade, improve customer experience, reduce enterprises’ costs and improve operation efficiency.
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