JAHC Technology
JEHE Active Hardware Control (JAHC) management system includes both hardware Microcontroller Unit (MCU) and software (JAHC Technology Manager). The reliable system is a patented technology of Giada, which is independent of OS.

JAHC can avoid devices running in non-working hours and help users save power consumption significantly.

The diagram shows how JAHC can control a device through a Microcontroller Unit (MCU).
Hardware-based Control
Using separate JAHC chip (MCU) to control PC, highly reliable. Updating the OS or the BIOS does not affect the program that has been set up in the JAHC chip. There is no need for network access.
Supporting Multiple OS
Coordinate with Giada devices; Giada provides the software for setting JAHC. The software supports Windows/Android operating system.
Software Setting Panel
Setting RTC easily with user-friendly JAHC software for Windows/ Android OS. The visual user interface is used to set and display the execution schedule. Users can also choose to postpone the shutdown time. It can help end-users to manage Giada PC flexibly and efficiently in commercial scenarios.
Integration and development
Providing JAHC API and supporting debug when solution partners need to integrate JAHC function. It enables system integrators and software developers to integrate JAHC functions or carry out secondary development.
Main Functions
  • Automatic Power On
    Enable this function in the BIOS, and the JAHC chip can instantly detect the power-on state. When the power is connected, automatic startup will be achieved.
  • RTC Wake Up
    Install and run the JAHC software to set automatic startup and shutdown times. The function can help users manage devices easily, effectively, and save energy.
  • Watchdog timer
    Install and run the JAHC software to achieve watchdog function, which can help reduce non-working time.
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