Giada's Digital Signage Applications in Retail Industry
As the entire business ecosystem has ushered in the new era of hypermedia, we are living in a world with various forms of information dissemination. More and more business centers and shopping malls come to realize and learn how to attract customers’attention with new forms of digital advertisements and information distribution.The digital signage has developed rapidly and expanded vertically to wider application, especially in retail industry.

Giada is participating in GITEX in Dubai, the 3rd biggest trade show on this planet. While we are in this fascinating metropolis, let's start a mini tour with Dubai Tower, the highest building ever built in the world with a height of 828 meters and 154 usable floors.

We continue our tour to Dubai Mall, the world's biggest shopping mal with 502,000 square meters and 14000+ parking spaces, attracting 80 million visitors in 2014 and 62 million visitors in the first half of 2015.

Now let's visit Dubai Mall and discover the video signage applications used in the biggest shopping center of the world!


More and more diverse advertising techniques have emerged to persuade customers to make choices. In a shopping mall, digital advertisements with high resolution graphics and fluent video displays are the most eye-catching elements and easy to be received by customers. Giada’s digital signage mini PC series adopt high performance discrete graphics processor with video resolution up to 4K per screen.

Video Wall

Video wall is another impressive way for information distribution. It is spliced with 2 or more screens with independent or combined display contents. Giada’s professional multi-screen mini PC can support up to six screens with space-saving form factor.

Information Board

The information board is utilized to provide commodity, promotion or direction guidance, suggestions and warnings. Even it the performance requirement is not as video wall, it has to be designed to operate continuously for a long time period. Giada’s JAHC unattended technology is perfect for this application and minimizes the on-site maintenance cost.


Comparing with information boards, Kiosk is more demanding on interactive operations.Both Giada’s digital signage fanless mini PC and embedded motherboards provide outstanding processing and graphics performance while keeping silent and stable operation.

Digital Menu

While the traditional memu in most restaurants are still commonly in use, the dynamic and easy to manage digital menus are adopted to improve the efficiency and speed up the order process. it leads to improve customers' dinning experience.

Vending Machine

Vending machines are almost everywhere in our daily life, and because that, the robustness of internal and external components for parts and 24/7 hassle-free operation is a must.Giada’ mini PC's all-metal design provide outstanding heat dissipation, ensuring that the vending machine is able to operation under harsh conditions.

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