Giada Join Intel Integrated Systems Networking Event
Amsterdam, Feb. 10, 2016

Giada, one of the leading providers of ICT products and solutions, and member of Intel IoT Solutions Alliance, was invited by Intel to joined the Integrated Systems Networking Event held in Amsterdam.

The event is an invite only event that will act as a showcase of the latest technologies from Intel's Internet of Things Group and the wider ecosystem which are focused on the Retail, Digital Signage and adjacent verticals. The attendees can have an opportunity to learn about latest technology trends in the marketplace and see recently deployed turnkey solutions that are designed to achieve immersive, personalized engagement, delight customers and have quantifiable commercial benefit to the end user.

As one of the hot topics of the event, Intel introduces the latest trend and development of OPS digital signage products, and demonstrates Giada's OPS model P216 during the presentation session. It simplifies the device installation, usage, maintenance and upgrade of digital signage infrastructure, and is getting higher acceptance and wider applications such as interactive electronic whiteboards for educational purposes.

The new Giada P216 is specially designed for those applications. It's powered by the Intel's 6th generation Skylake CPU and fully compliant to Intel's OPS standard, combining both high performance and all benefits of an OPS device.
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