Giada Launches the New Favorite for Cloud Solution
Shenzhen, Sept. 27, 2016. In the launch event with the topic “New Enforcement for Big Data Cloud Computing & New Force of Server Customization”, Giada presents the 2U Quad-Node rackmount server GCR2512Q-RF.

KJ Lin, the CEO of JEHE Technology states: “Based on the 13-year technological corporation with Intel and 18-year experience in design technology, JEHE ushers in a new milestone: JEHE will provide deep customization service for domestic server industry, and with the launch of the Quad-Node server, we will break the boundary of domestic server market and create a positive cloud industry ecosystem for the customers.

Giada’s new Quad-Node server brings the quadruple node number of a standard 2U rackmount server, saving up to 75% space. Features like unique cooling design, smart fan speed control and processor smart control can support more comfortable operation and maintenance process. It supports Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 V3/V4 processors and the latest generation DDR4 memory with max. 1TB capacity. The server nodes are hot-swappable without the need for going off-line, thus enabling rapid deployment and high performance maintenance afterwards.

This product represents a new choice for enterprises and high performance computing (HPC), and provides data centers with a new space-saving and higher performance. Through Giada’s long experience and technology advantages, it provides reliable and stable foundation for building cloud computing application environment.

Of course, the new product has passed strict tests in 8 categories i.e. compatibility, power consumption, CPU, storage system etc. In comparison with the completion, Giada’s new product stands out with different levels of outstanding performance, and proving the reliability of Quad-Node server in cloud service and big data applications.

With the jump from Twin-Node to Quad-Node, Giada’s new product has reached a new peak in the new wave of IT environment . Standing from customer’s point of view, and deep customization philosophy, Giada is committed to provide customers the highest grade of support and deployment. With the launch of this new product, more and more customers are expected to build it into their own solutions to benefit from its advantages of high density, high performance and easy maintenance.
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