JeHe Won Intel DCG Innovation Award
Feb 23, 2017— Intel held 2017 CTE CEO Summit in Shenzhen. JeHe, owner of Giada brand, was invited to join the summit as one of the key partners, and won the 2016 DCG Innovation Award. Following last year CTE summit won the Intel DCG Innovation Award, JeHe once again receive this honor.

Intel is the largest semiconductor company in the world, with nearly 50 years experiences in products innovation and market leadership. It became the first to launch the x86-based processor in 1978, and not only embarked a flourishing era, but also formed an industry standard. Even in today’s powerful multiple-core processors, x86 continue to shine and has its place.

This summit is led by Intel, which brings together manufacturers of server, digital signage, clouds and retail financial industries. They jointly discussed the development strategies of data center. Nowadays, some emerging applications proved popular, such as cloud computing, big data and Internet of Things, is a powerful impetus for the development of global data center and enterprise market. Intel report shows that even in the background of global PC market stagnate, data center industry still achieve fast growth and is expected to exceed 65 billion U.S. dollars. Especially in recent years, cloud computing, VR and AI become new hotspots in Internet industry. New business effectively create rapid growth in the data market, in the meanwhile, products can meet the need of customizing which with high processing power and transmission speeds, manageability and extend ability. The era of data center is coming.

Giada is dominated by its technology, and invested a lot in server research and development and production in 2016. From the mother board to the machine, it launched a series products based on Intel Celeron, Xeon processors. In 2016, JeHe mother board products’ sales volume achieved a breakthrough to 160% in the net bar server industry. In Server products, whether flexible storing and shared architecture solutions with high density twin-node/ quad-node, or the one of 2U8D design with modularization, integrate fan technology and L3 cooling system,all pointing to the same market demand. That is putting more resources into limited space, maximize large-scale computing density and performance, and reshape the infrastructure of data center. Giada solve the problem between cost and profit by customizations.

Intel said, in 2016, JeHe and Intel maintained close cooperation, not only through new product research and development, but also in marketing cooperation and information sharing, keeping depth interaction and successful implementations. JeHe has been closely cooperate with Intel for years, as Intel's key partners, is more than deserving the award.

JeHe said, will take this Intel DCG Innovation Award as a chance to strengthen cooperate relations with Intel. Both sides continue to carry out R&D and market expansion of server, storage, data center and cloud computing. Together improve strategies with R&D steps through technical collaboration and joint innovation, speed up product development to bring users the new-tech experience.
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