Giada Launches New Product F105D
Giada launched its latest product F105D, a new media player with Intel Apollo Lake processor, and solutions applying the product, with the witness of Intel, at Marco Polo Hotel Shenzhen, on July 27th. Giada was also rewarded the Affiliate Member of Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance 2017 during the new product launch meeting.

Giada F105D, mainly used for three-screen digital signage, adopts Intel Apollo Lake processor, known for low power consumption and high efficiency. The new product, with two-channel DDR3L Memory (up to 4GB), features not only the conventional SATA II, mSATA, but also the latest M.2 with PCIe support. This product can improve the speed and capacity of data transmission significantly, said Cao Qi, product supervisor of Giada.

Featuring DP, HDMI and VGA, F105D supports high-definition output of 4096x2160@60Hz. It can be applied in multi-screen system, when the screens are supposed to display the same content or different images. Its applications are more flexible, according to Cao.

During the meeting,Yang Jian, supervisor of Giada domestic marketing and sales center, also analyzed the trend of China’s commercial display market in the recent 10 years. The profits of companies in the industry are shrinking due to fierce competition on prices. Therefore, these companies are expanding their products beyond displays, to the supply chain behind, as the customers’ demand are increasing in the background of Internet plus and big data era, said Yang.

Integration is playing a more important role as product technology segmentation is more and more clear in the commercial display market in nowadays, according to Yang. Giada will continue to provide high-quality hardware for system integrators and strengthen cooperation with its partners to win more market share, Yang said.

At the meeting, Yan Tao, TSE technology supervisor with Intel, introduced the latest Apollo Lake technology. Apollo Lake can support three independent 4K resolution displays, and synchronize up to 15 1080p30 decoding streams. These features enable it support more advanced applications in digital monitoring, new on-vehicle experience, industry and office automation development, innovative retail and medical solutions.

Yan also rewarded Giada the Affiliate Member of Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance 2017. Yan spoke highly of Giada’s performance in R&D achievements, its promotion of Intel products and sales growth as Intel’s core strategic partner. Giada deserves the title of Intel’s Affiliate Member and Intel will offer more support for Giada, helping it to work out more new products and better solutions to enhance the development of the industry.

Representatives of Giada also expressed the determination to devote more efforts to the digital signage industry by providing better products and solutions for its partners and system integrators.

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