Giada at DT+Cloud-Netech 2017

Giada, a leading provider for cloud computing and system solution. showcased its latest products and solutions, at the DT+Cloud-Netech 2017 Exhibition and its seminar, held during August 10th to 12th at the Beijing International Exhibition Center (old venue).


The exhibition displayed industry solutions for big data, cloud computing and data center, showing various applications of big data and cloud, IT services and solutions and the latest technologies applied in data center and storage-related IT products. The convention, which showed a “big data plus” ecology, attracted more than 100,000 visitors of various industries from all over the world.



Giada showcased its technologies and solutions in areas of cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. Giada displayed its new NAS products-GS series, storage solutions for SME (small-and-medium enterprises), solutions for desktop virtualization and high-quality servers during the exhibition. At its booth, Giada invited visitors to try its products and solutions, enabling users to have a deep understanding in features of the Giada products. Giada’s booth attracted numerous visitors during the exhibition.



As the fast development of cloud computing and big data, company users’ demand for storage keeps increasing. The private cloud solutions for SME, which integrate hardware and software, can meet users’ storage demand in terms of space, capacity, practicality and security. By using these solutions, users are able to deploy storage network efficiently and manage their data easily.


GS68, on display at the exhibition, can be equipped with 5 disks and features 10GB SFP, M.2, PCIe 3.0x16. This sever can provide smooth file transmission and adequate storage space when they are adopted by company users to realize security backup and file sharing. It can be integrated with FTP servers, website severs, MYSQL servers and enterprise mailbox servers, which will help to reduce users’ cost significantly. At the meantime, it uses the GSM intelligent operation system, and can provide safe and reliable storage solution for users while they are managing the data.



Data cloud is very important for users, who have huge data to manage. Giada, cooperating with SI enterprise, can provide complete solutions for these users. In the cooperation, Giada offers servers, hardware components, such as thin client F210, a cloud terminal. In the desktop solution, Giada servers are used to store, manage and distribute all the data files and Giada F210 serves as application terminal, which can be operated by end users. With this solution, enterprises users are able to concentrate and manage their resources and distribute the resources according to different end users’ needs. In addition, regular data backup ensures the security of company users’ business data and makes it easier for them to manage the data. Compared with traditional management by one computer as the terminal, data can be collected more efficiently and it is more secure.



Giada showcased several severs with different features for enterprises users, such as four-socket server, 2U double-node and 2U four-node tower servers. The four-socket Giada GCR2524MP-RF server supports Intel®Xeon® processor E5 4600 v4 product family. It features 48 memory slots, whose memory can be expanded up to 3 TB. It also has 7 PCI-E 3.0 slots and can meet company users’ future IT application demand. This server, with outstanding systematic computing capacity, expansion possibility and RAS features, can meet companies’ strict demand for security of their business data, in order to support sustainable development of their business.

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