Giada Sparks the Innovation at InfoComm India 2015
September 2nd 2015, Mumbai, India - Giada, an industry leader of Mini PC, embedded computing and expert for small and medium enterprise servers, proudly joins the InfoComm India 2015 exhibition which takes place at Bombay Exhibition Center, and brightens up the show with its newest products and innovative solutions.

As a professional and influential exhibition focusing on Audio Visual industry, InfoComm has successfully melted the increasing convergence of IT and AV technologies and trends, and attracted a bunch of world known brands to explore what’s in store in future. And for decades, Giada has devoted itself to providing more innovative and competitive integrated systems and reinforcement for AV industry.

As for the show, Giada demonstrates its lean and mean mini PC G320 which supports up to six screens by running a video wall with 2x2 46 inch narrow bezel panels. The crystal clear high resolution display and flexible deployment are ideal for digital signage which can be utilized in limited space or places hard for maintenance.

Giada F202, firstly debuts at InfoComm India 2015, is the ultra compact sized thin client mini PC with onboard 2G memory and dual display ports with both VGA and HDMI support. Moreover, Giada has developed a centrally managed virtualization solution based on one domain server and multiple terminal PCs to enhance the management efficiency and reduce the maintenance cost at the same time. Giada F202, with all its advantages, stands out as the perfect thin client terminal for the implementation in a server-client working environment in small and medium enterprises.

In addition, Giada also exhibits its newly-launched Intel® Xeon® E5 server motherboards N50M-BD (Dual CPU) and N50M- BU (single CPU), as well as the N50M- BO, which embraces very powerful network performance by supporting dual 10 GB/s SFP+ LAN ports and can be widely utilized in desktop virtualization and diskless workstation.

Come and visit Giada’s booth at F68, Hall 1, Bombay Exhibition Center and explore more surprises beyond your expectations!
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