The highlights of Giada Booth of ISVE 2020

ISVE, China International Smart-Visual Expo is a high-level professional exhibition in the commercial display industry. Starting from December 2 to 4, 2020, it will attract extensive attention in China commercial display industry.


This is the second year that Giada participate in ISVE. As a member of the Shenzhen Commercial Display Association, Giada inherits the consistent design concept, shows their deep understanding about the commercial display.


GDSM Smart Retail Management System is a set of highly integrated solutions that serve the smart retail industry. After several major version iterations, the GDSM 4.0 edition will show a mature and complete integrated smart retail solution.




By then, the content played, regardless of size, landscape, multi-screen or grouping, will be managed by the GDSM system and presented through the Giada media players. According to the booth design, all information distribution are managed wirelessly by the retail LAN built on site, which simulates the display managing in the retail scene. Visitors can experience the real smart retail at Giada’s booth.


On one side of the booth, a coffee shop is designed to simulate the real retail scene. By accurately distributing advertising contents, Giada shows how data intelligence can improve the efficiency of retail. Visitors can take a free cup of coffee to relieve fatigue, join Giada's official WeChat and play lucky draw. Giada wish visitors feel the intelligent evolution of commercial display from the first moment they enter the booth.




On the other side of the booth, Giada will present the newly developed product line based on localized chips. Facing the rapidly changing environment, Giada actively devotes itself to establish a mature domestic hardware product line, mainly focus on virtualized government affairs terminals, interactive whiteboards, all-in-one conference machines, and digital signage applications.




Established in 1999, Giada is a national-level high-tech enterprise and a software and hardware integrated technology solution provider focusing on smart retail technology. Giada always adheres to the orientation of customer value and market demand, integrates cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, promotes the digital upgrade of retail formats, and continuously improves retail management efficiency and user experience.


In 21 years, Giada has successfully established an agile supply chain management system and has become an international group company of research, production, supply and sales. It has established professional sales networks in more than 60 countries including China, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc., to provide customers with intelligent retail management systems, edge storage software systems; Embedded digital signage computers; Industrial-level digital signage computers, servers and other products. Giada has gained high industry influence by continuous product innovation.

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