Giada Certificated Titanium Partner of Intel

As a long-time core ODM partner of Intel, Giada recently has been certificated the Titanium Partner of Intel in 2021, which is the highest level of Intel Partner Alliance program.



With an aim to unify the global network that takes technology, solutions and cloud partnerships into a single partner ecosystem, Intel on January 7 announced that it has launched the new Intel Partner Alliance Program, which went live on January 11, 2021. With this new program, Intel will enrich its strategic relationship with partners and accelerate new market opportunities in an increasingly data-centric world.


Intel offers tiered levels of benefits, based on partners’ participation—the more the partner engage with the Intel Partner Alliance portal, the faster it moves up. The main benefits include bringing partner’s products and solutions to market through Intel® Solutions Marketplace, accessing a library of marketing assets and tools through Intel® Partner Marketing Studio, and customer support.


Founded in 1999, Giada is a leading manufacturer and supplier of embedded PC, servers, motherboards and software application systems in China. After 21 years of development, Giada has become an international group company, which has been providing products and services to more than 60 countries worldwide. The company has branch offices in North China, Central China, South China, Hong Kong, the USA and Europe.



Giada offers a full range of signage system products to meet different customer needs and has a special focus on high quality. A full product lineup is available for various requirements that include entry-level, high-performance or semi-industrial embedded computers.


Since its founding, the company has been making great efforts to build its own brand. Giada enjoys a high reputation and stable market share in related industries in China, Western Europe and North America. Giada has been awarded the 1st Place Media Player in Digital Signage Award at the Digital Signage Summit Europe. Giada was honored for its leading position in the ever-growing European Digital Signage market, where Giada is both the bestselling Digital Signage media player as well as the most preferred brand of over 180 European System Integrators.

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