Giada CEO Awarded Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year
KJ Lin, CEO of Giada, was awarded Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 in Shenzhen Computer Industry, on January 7, 2020, during the annual commendation conference of Shenzhen Computer Association.
During the conference held in Nanshan District, excellent enterprises and products in Shenzhen of the year 2019 were also announced. The entrepreneurs, enterprises and products were selected after online preliminary review and on-site review of experts organized by Shenzhen Computer Association. Lin was given a high evaluation for his great contribution to the development of computer industry in Shenzhen during the commendation conference.
Lin has won masters’ degree of MBA from Sun Yat-sen University and American International University. In 1999, he founded Shenzhen Bochen Electronics Co., Ltd., which was mainly engaged in computer graphics card OEM business. Lin created "Xiangsheng" brand, a well-known brand of motherboards and graphics cards. Led by Lin, the business of Bochen was expanded to all over China from South China after a few years of development.
In 2007, the company changed its name to Shenzhen JeHe Technology Development Co., Ltd.,. Since its founding, JeHe has been making great efforts to build its own brand, Giada. The brand of Giada enjoys a high reputation and stable market share in China, Western Europe and North America. Giada has been awarded the 1st Place Media Player in Digital Signage Award at the Digital Signage Summit Europe. 
Lin has accumulated deep industry insights and made lots of achievements after years of work in the IT industry. In JeHe, Lin advocates to pursue happiness of all employees on both material and spiritual level. Besides, Lin is dedicated to promoting the development of global IoT and AI industry. Lead by such business philosophy, Giada has become an international group company, which has been providing products and services to more than 60 countries worldwide. Lin also actively fulfills his social responsibilities, and he is currently a deputy to the People's Congress of Nanshan District, Shenzhen.
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