Giada Launches 27 Inch Smart Medical All-in-One
Giada has launched 27 Inch Smart Medical All-in-One, modeled HA27. It's dedicated for medical workstations in hospitals, clinics, medical centers and institutions.

Duo System: Display PBP mode for Telemedicine

Giada HA27 adopts unique duo system design, and supports independent network for external and internal usage. Users can access to Intranet supported by Giada SDML-611, and connect to extranet via Android system supported by the All-in-one. Users can also share and collaborate important contents through UCC software, such as Zoom and Team, without security concern under telemedicine.
Duo System: Display PBP mode for Telemedicine

Dedicated for Medical Workstations

Giada HA27 supports active pen (MPP1.5 protocol) with palm rejection, which can help achieve smart and paper-less hospital environment. The AIO can support both DICOM calibration for cloud-based X-ray film viewing, and full-white screen by one bottom press to watch physical x-ray film, which can replace traditional x-ray light box.
dedicated for Medical Workstations

27" 4K UHD 10 point touch screen

Giada HA27 integrates a 27" screen with the ultra-high resolution of 3840 x 2160 @60 Hz (16:9). It adopts high precision 10-point touch screen with anti-glare (AG) and antibacterial coating. The 10-finger capacitive multi-touch screen guarantees trouble-free use even with medical gloves. The screen can fit DICOM curve for dedicated medical application. HA27 has 178° wide viewing angle, 99% sRGB color performance and Edge LED back, which can bring better display effect and long service life.
27 inch 4K UHD 10 point touch screen

Peripherals Connections & Extension Support 

Giada HA27 supports Type-C, HDMI ports for different peripheralconnection as docking monitor. The full-function Type C (Max 65W w/o plug SDM) can be used for chargingsignal input & touchback control. The HDMI-out port can be used for extended displayMiracast is also available.

User Experience Oriented

Giada HA27 has convenient SideBar with signal switch and useful tools (Annotation, screenshot, record, full-screen), and Menu control (System setting/DICOM/mute function). It can significantly improve office efficiency and drive a convenient and sustainable medical office environment for doctors.
User Experience Oriented

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