How to Choose the Right Embedded Computers?

How to choose the right embedded computers for your digital signage projects? Signage players are becoming more and more thinner. There are an increasing number of ultra-thin models in the market. The thinner, the better? Do you really need an ultra-thin signage player?

The thinner, the better?

An ultra-thin signage player has obvious advantages in size and weight. It's suitable for space-demanding scenarios. However, except for the space, thermal management is a more critical factor to consider when planning the deployment of a digital signage project.

Scientific studieshave proven that for every 10°C (50°F) increase above the recommended operating temperature of electronics, the life of that electronic equipment is halved!

That is why thermal management is vital for your digital signage project. It prevents your systems from overheating, making your equipment last longer, minimizing maintenance, and maximizing uptime.

Giada fanless commercial pc

Disadvantages of ultra-thin signage player in cooling

In terms of thermal management, ultra-thin signage player may be not the best choice. As increased electronic components in thinner digital signage enclosures lead to higher heat emissions. The smaller the surface of the enclosure is, the lower the efficiency of passive cooling is. 

Besides, most ultra-thin signage players adopts fanless design. The fanless players can only utilize passive cooling solutions to extract and dissipate heat without utilizing spinning fans or active cooling.

As we all know, as heart of the embedded computer, CPU generates the most heat among all hardware components. The higher performance the CPU is, the more heat it generates. When we pursue slim-size, sometimes we have to compromise in performance or cost, as we may have to choose lower-performance CPU or add passive heat sinks. 

Tips to choose the proper embedded computer

To get the digital signage players that your project requires, it’s likely that you will need a custom solution, equipped with the proper heating and cooling elements. The following are some tips to choose the right signage player for your project:

- If you need ultra-thin signage player, choose that with aluminum casing, such as Giada DF612; avoid those using plastic casings.
- If the project is deployed in harsh environment with high temperature, such as in Brazil, we strongly suggest not to choose ultra-thin embedded computer.
- Choose signage player from professional and brand manufacturers, which focus on providing commercial or industry grade products, with know-how about digital signage applications. 
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