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Giada D67, excellent support for attract screen

Industry Background

How can provide better user experience and personalized service for customers during holidays when the flow of visitors increase significantly? It’s worth careful consideration for every retailer. Digital signage is a new assistance for retail. Data proves that digital signage besides the check-out counter can boost sales as about 70 percent customers would increase purchase under the influence of information displayed in the screen.


How can retailers provide attractive shopping experience with the help of digital signage? A brief introduction of applications of Giada D67 in the following can help answer this question.


1. About Giada D67



D67 contains the most modern and powerful processor and graphics technology for the highest requirements. It is equipped with Intel’s “Kabylake” (the 7th generation) processors. It can be used everywhere where energy-efficient computer power and high-quality graphics performance is required. With dual-channel DDR4 memory (up to 32 GB), D67 can support the display of 4k videos. Equipped with onboard M.2 SSD slot, it provides higher transmission bandwidth for SSD devices through the PCI-E channel, which ensures the smooth display of 4K video.


As a high-end digital signage product, D67 has a DP1.2 port and a HDMI port, which supports high-definition display of images of Max. 4096 x 2304 @60 Hz and 4k videos. The small computer giant runs on Intel’s HD620 as graphics unit. It optimizes the playback function of 4k video, adds hardware coder and decoder in H.265 Main.10 and VP9 8/10-bit format and significantly reduces the power consumption while playing 4k video. To facilitate maintenance, D67 adopts JAHC technology, which enables automatic power on/off and remote control through infrared rays. This patented technology also helps to reduce maintenance cost.


2. D67 helps to boost sales by attracting customers’ attention



Usually, when people are doing something interesting, they feel the time passes quickly. By setting digital signage supported by Giada D67 besides the window and at the check-out counter to attract customers’ attention through vivid and interesting content, retailers can arouse the purchasers’ desire and boost sales. Obviously, static advertising has no such effects. Attractive content is very important for digital signage display. Data shows that, about four fifths customers will increase their purchasing by 33% if the retailers can arrange the display content appropriately. The 4k video display, which D67 features, is an effective guarantee for the quality of promotion content.


3. D67 supports interactive experience



D67 can support digital signage solutions which are suitable for consumers of all the age groups in the shopping mall. The machine supports a DP1.2 port, a HDMI display port and onboard super-high-speed M.2 SSD slot, which can provide high speed transmission bandwidth for customers’ onsite interactive experience. The interactive setting can be games for children. When the children are playing games, parents have time to sit down for rest or coffee. With the digital signage, parents can also take photos of their children or send holiday cards to themselves via email.


4. D67, an assistant for self-service shopping



The traditional shopping is usually passive. We can make shopping more fun by applying digital signage. For example, by using the smart dress mirror supported by D67 system solution, customers can try completely new shopping model. They can see how they look like in the clothes on the screen immediately after they put the clothes in front of the smart dress mirror. It’s very convenient. Through swift connection, they can also share their experience with their friends. By combining the shopping and interaction, the retailers can make shopping more interesting. D67 supports high definition display of images of Max. 4096 x [email protected] and 4k video, therefore customers needn’t worry that the pictures are not clear or nice enough any longer.