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Security Surveillance

Giada cold data storage servers meet requirements for 

continuous data read and write over a long period of time 

and large data volume,but with few access requests.The 

servers can also implement simple and convenient 

management, lower maintenance costs, and good scala-

bility for system storage.


Scene Graph
Community Surveillance
Security Surveillance
transportations Surveillance
Shopping Mall Surveillance

Intel® Atom™ C2000 series processor

Uses the latest Intel® Atom™ C2000 processor and advanced 22 nm manufacturing technology. Uses ultrahigh technology, achieving 

excellent energy efficiency,Overturns the"triple high"status(high cost,high energy consumption,and high management cost)of traditional 



Ultra-high reliability

Passed several strict high and low temperature impact tests, ensuring around the clock stable running; passed scenario tests and high

requirement storage stability tests, providing 100% highly reliable and highly stable data storage.


Big data expansion

Uses highperformance SATA control chips, supports up to 14 SATA ports, and implements quick startup response with a built in mSATA

 port. Increases the number of supported hard drives by using RAID cards on onboard PCIe slots, maximizing extended storage capacity 

and leveraging hardware strengths.

High quality / certificate management

Application Scenarios

Giada Virtualization Solutions in Digital Hotel

Guilin Bank Use Giada Virtualization Solutions

Giada i200 Applied In Shopping Mall Billboards

Giada i39B Applied In Transportations