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Giada cold data storage servers specialize in intensive 

data storage with high performance,energy efficiency,

and scalability.They are an ideal choice for enterprise 

level data centers to implement cross platform file sharing

and greatly reduce operational costs with lower power

consumption, and higher reliability.

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E-mail Storage
Big Data Storage
E-mail Service
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Intel® Atom™ C2000 series processor

Uses the latest Intel® Atom™ C2000 processor and advanced 22 nm manufacturing technology. Uses ultrahigh technology, achieving 

excellent energy efficiency,Overturns the"triple high"status(high cost,high energy consumption,and high management cost)of traditional 



Ultra-high reliability

Passed several strict high and low temperature impact tests, ensuring around the clock stable running; passed scenario tests and high

requirement storage stability tests, providing 100% highly reliable and highly stable data storage.


Big data expansion

Uses highperformance SATA control chips, supports up to 14 SATA ports, and implements quick startup response with a built in mSATA

 port. Increases the number of supported hard drives by using RAID cards on onboard PCIe slots, maximizing extended storage capacity 

and leveraging hardware strengths.

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Application Scenarios

Giada Virtualization Solutions in Digital Hotel

Guilin Bank Use Giada Virtualization Solutions

Giada i200 Applied In Shopping Mall Billboards

Giada i39B Applied In Transportations