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Industry Control

Giada industrial computers represent a break through in

traditional platform design and have more powerful 

processors to ensure increased performance and 

processing capability.In addition,Giada has launched

the first all steel noise free series of  computers for 

selection and customization for ODMs which feature 

abundant ports and a unique appearance.

Scene Graph
Product Line Control
Outdoor Billboard
VOD system

Solid and rugged appearance

— First in the industry with an all steel chassis design, higher anti-magnetic, shockproof, and dustproof thresholds


Powerful flexibility

— The solution includes the whole range of a barebones system. Customers can select hardware based on actual requirements

 to integrate the system and achieve the best application effects.


4K HD decoding
—State-of -the-art standard HDMI and VGA ports are supported for video output and the processing on 4K HD videos can 

be performed easily.


ODM customization

—JEHE TECHNOLOGY provides you with customized services for dedicated computers and solutions with the strength of years of 

professional technical skills and R&D strengths.

High quality / certificate management

Application Scenarios

Giada F300 Applied In Production Line Control Syst

Giada Mini PC Applied In Outdoor Billboards

Giada F109 Applied In Road Guiding System